Mantovani Complete Recordings On Regal 1928

Mantovani Complete Recordings On Regal 

1. Just an Hour Of Love 
2. Can’t You Hear Me say I Love You? 
3. Worryin’ 
4. Day Dreams That Never Come True 
5. By The Volga 
6. How Could I Know? 
7. Together 
8. Cherie (Chanson Bleu) 
9. Traumerei (Schumann) 
10. Serenade (Schubert) 
11. La Paloma 

Mantovani and his Hotel Metropole Orchestra 
(9) Mantovani (violin with piano) 

Regal records published these numbers

Regal lebel recorded 19 numbers except above, but not published.
However recently we have found that Columbia U.S. published La Paloma within these numbers, not in Britain. 
Furthermore, in Danish Columbia label, Er Der Ingen, Der Vil Danse Med Min Soster (with Weygard Tibor vocal)  and Sidste Man Paa Skansen (with Weygard Tibor vocal) were discovered to publish, recorded in 27th Sept.1928. 

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