Songs You Love To Hear (DVD)

DVD Title: Songs You Love To Hear 
Publisher: OEG Classic Movies 
No.:ODNM 041 

Mantovani Answers Your Requests 
    Green Cockatoo 
    Cara Mia 
    When You Lose the One You Love by John Hanson 
    September Song 
    Oh Mein Papa 
    Home by Joan Regan 
    Besame Mucho 

    Mantovani Plays Music you Have Asked to Hear 
      All the Way 
      El Bebito by Trio Capricho Espanol 
      A Portrait in Melody (Candlelight) 
      There Goes My Heart by Joni James 
      Fantasy in Blue (Blue Fantasy) 
      Adios Muchachos 

      Mantovani Plays Record Encores 
        Camptown Races 
        Cara Mia by John Hanson 
        The Music Box Tango 
        Ma Cher Ami 
        Your Cheating Heart by Joni James 
        Cornish Rhapsody featuring Monia Liter 

        Mantovani Complete Recordings On Regal 1928

        Mantovani Complete Recordings On Regal 

        1. Just an Hour Of Love 
        2. Can’t You Hear Me say I Love You? 
        3. Worryin’ 
        4. Day Dreams That Never Come True 
        5. By The Volga 
        6. How Could I Know? 
        7. Together 
        8. Cherie (Chanson Bleu) 
        9. Traumerei (Schumann) 
        10. Serenade (Schubert) 
        11. La Paloma 

        Mantovani and his Hotel Metropole Orchestra 
        (9) Mantovani (violin with piano) 

        Regal records published these numbers

        Regal lebel recorded 19 numbers except above, but not published.
        However recently we have found that Columbia U.S. published La Paloma within these numbers, not in Britain. 
        Furthermore, in Danish Columbia label, Er Der Ingen, Der Vil Danse Med Min Soster (with Weygard Tibor vocal)  and Sidste Man Paa Skansen (with Weygard Tibor vocal) were discovered to publish, recorded in 27th Sept.1928. 

        BBC Radio 2 – Mantovani

        Come Prima