THE GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC  MANTOVANI - By Special Request - Volume II 1940-1951 

Guild GLCD.5113
Castiliana (Reg H. Casson); One Night Of Love (Gus Kahn, Victor Schertzinger); Love Is A Song (Frank Churchill, Larry Morey); Mexican Starlight (Pedro Manilla, alias Mantovani); Nights Of Gladness (Charles W. Ancliffe); Spanish Cocktail - Intro: Spanish Gipsy Dance (Pasqual Marquina),
Adios Conchita (Pedro Manilla alias Mantovani), A Girl Like You (trad.); Our Waltz (David Rose); Siesta - a Rumba Serenade (Ronald Binge); “Song Of Norway” - selection (Edvard Grieg) Intro: Strange Music, Now, Midsummer Eve, Freddie And His Fiddle, I Love You; Valse Septembre (Felix Godin); Tango Bolero (Juan Llossas); Tell Me You Love Me (Ruggiero Leoncavallo, adapted by Sammy Kaye); Hejre Kati (Jeno Hubay); Gipsy Trumpeter (Martin Vicente Darre) featuring Stan Newsome, trumpet; In Waltz Time (Mantovani); La Paloma (Sebastian de Yradier); Oh Mama Mama (L. Conald); One Magic Wish (On An Evening Star) (Richard Addinsell, Kay Twomey); The Spirit Of The Matador (Reg H. Casson); Tango De La Luna (Tango Of The Moon) (Pedro Manilla alias Mantovani); The Choristers (Bernard Phelps) with wordless vocal chorus by Stella Roberta and Jack Plant; Concerto In Jazz (Donald Phillips) featuring Arthur Young, piano

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