Noel Coward Joyce Granfell Graham Payn sing The Master's Choice with Victoria Campbell and Mantovani and His Orchestra

AEI-CD 605
Nina (Sigh No More) - Mantovani and His Orchestra Fumfumbolo (Pacific 1860) - Graham Payn
The Wife Of An Acrobat (Words and Music) - Joyce Grenfell Lover Of My Dreams (Cavalcade) - Victoria Campbell
Evermore And A Day (Bitter Sweet) - Joyce Grenfell and Graham Payn
  This Is A Changing World (Pacific 1860) - Noel Coward 
In Which We Serve (Suite) - Mantovani and His Orchestra 
Half-Caste Woman (Cochran’s 1931 Revue) - Graham Payn 
Let's Say Goodbye (Words and Music) - Joyce Grenfell
Dearest Love (Operette) - Victoria Campbell
Try To Learn To Love (This Year of Grace) - Joyce Grenfell and Graham Payn
I Went To A Marvellous Party (Set to Music) - Noel Coward
                      AEI-CD 605

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