utton Vocalion CDLK 4233
Tania (Mantovani); Sail Away (Coward); Summer Night (Carter); Someone Nice Like You (Bricusse,Newley); Far Away (Bart); Theme from Mutiny On The Bounty (Kaper, Webster); Love song from Mutiny On The Bounty: Follow Me (Kaper, Webster); Only Yesterday (Mantovani); Non Dimenticar (Dobbins, Galdieri, Redi); The Churchill March (Grainer); In The Spring (Il y avait) (Pon,Salvador); Red Petticoats (Mantovani); Rickshaw (Mantovani);A Girl Named Tamiko (Bernstein, David); Japanese Lullaby(Mantovani); Willow Tree (Laudan, Sobol); Games Tha
t Lovers Play (Kusik, Last, Snyder, Loose); The World’s A Lovely Place (Bart); Love theme from The Carpetbaggers (Bernstein); Taras Bulba (Waxman); March In 3/4 (Mantovani); Greengage Summer (Addinsell); Anthony And Cleopatra (North); The Orange Vendor (Rodilo); Where Shall I Find Him? (Coward); Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Bratton); Let Me Be Loved (Livingston, Evans)
Recorded between 1952-69
ACCOMPANIMENT: SThe Sammes Singers; Stan Newsome (trumpet)
              CDLK 4233

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